Emil Hasanov Jafargulu
Chairman of the Management Board
Emil Hasanov was born in 1979. He started his professional career in 2001 in International Bank of Azerbaijan. During the years 2002-2009 he was promoted to the Head of the “Treasury and Market operations” business block in “Nikoil” Investment Commercial Bank. He joined Amrahbank in 2009. Since the year 2009 he was a member of the Management Board, and the Chairman of the Assets & Liabilities Management Committee.  Presently, Emil Hasanov is the Chairman of the Management Board and at the same time the Chairman of the Assets & liabilities Management Committee and Human Resources Committee. Mr. Hasanov holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees from  Azerbaijan State Economic University, and earned his  “Executive MBA” degree from the  Moscow State University’s “Higher Business School” in frame of its partnership with “Northeast University” of the United States.
Sadi Javadov Ahad
Member of the Management Board
Mr. Cavadov completed his LLB and LLM from the Law School of the Baku State University. He has played an instrumental role in revising most of the contracts (e.g. products, service, rent, employment, etc) and restructuring the corporate governance of Amrahbank. He is also a Director of the Law Department and member of the Credit Committee.  In 2005 – graduated from the Baku State University with degree in law.

Leyla Mammadbayli Heybat
Member of the Management Board

Leyla Mammadbayli got her bachelor and master degrees in “Tax and taxation” from the Azerbaijan State Economic University in 2004-2007 years. Ms. Mammadbayli worked in various positions at “Unileasing” leasing company and promoted to the director of Finance department. She began her working experience at Amrahbank OJSC as a director of the Structured finance department in 2010. Currently, she is a member of the Management Board overseeing Finance, International relations of the Bank.


Vusal Musayev Suliddin
Member of Management Board

Vusal Musayev received his education in USA (1997-1998), in Baku State University (1998-2002) and Central European University (2002-2003). He received his Master’s Degree in 2009 from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. In the meantime, he received his graduate education from 2006-2011 in Financial Management in Khazar University. V. Musayev held various positions in “Nikoil Bank” and in audit companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers”, “Deloitte”. He is working for Amrahbank since 2009.  He is the chairman of the bank’s Credit Committee and a member of Amrahbank’s  Management Board since 2013.


Jafarli Najaf Hasan
Member of the Management Board

Najaf Jafarli has BA and MA degrees from Azerbaijan State Economic University. He worked as a leading economist of Finance department of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan in 2006-2008. Then he worked as a director of Finance department at Azerbaijan Credit Bank in 2008-2009. He was a director of Accounting department at AFBank in 2009-2010. He joined Amrahbank as a head of division in the Internal Audit Department in 2010. He acts a Director of Finance department at Amrahbank since June 2013.


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