Amrahbank offer to its customers “Card-to-Card” service to enable cardholders to make cash transfer from one plastic card account to another in a safe, quick and easy way. You can activate and use this service not only through ATMs, but also through our “"İnternet-banking".

You can use this service by the use of ATM in the following form:

- You get any plastic card of Amrahbank;
- Enter your plastic card into ATM of Amrahbank;
- Enter PIN-code of your card;
- Choose the language of service;
- Click “Payments” menu and choose “Card-to-Card” service;
- Choose the type of currency for transfer;
- Enter recipient’s 16 digit card number;
- To prevent any mistake, enter card number again;
- Enter payment amount;
- Operation is completed and a cheque is printed.

If You are recipient, simply give the 16 digit numbers on your card to the sender and get the amount without paying any service fee.

Card-to-card service fee:

Commission fee will be charged 0.5% of transferred amount from sender’s account during the transaction (minimum 0.50 AZN, 0.70 USD or 0.50 Euro). If selected transaction currency differs from your account currency, it will be charged 4.0% of the amount from your account for exchange operations.
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