Amount   300-20 000 AZN (or USD equivealent)  
Guaranty   Household supplies, business equipments, gold jewellery, real estate (house, apartment , non-residence area, land), transport means, third party’s guarantees 
Age limit   minimum 18 age  
Duration   maximum 36 months 
Interest rate   25% - 28%
Commission fee   1 %
Factual annual rate   25% - 29%

Grace period

  up to 6 months


- The decision on granting the loan is issued within 1 day;
- Favorable interest rates;
- Daily calculation of interest (the interest calculated only for that day is paid while the loan is fully closed);
- Favorable collateral terms (the existence of any type of collateral);
- Grace period and payment plan in accordance with the business (anuitet or flexible schedule)
- Existence of the parallel loans.

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