On the occasion of 20th anniversary of establishment of Amrahbank OJSC, the Bank offers to the Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Mastercard Platinum cardholders 5% income from the outstanding card balance.

1.   Annual income - 5% from the outstanding balance on the card account

2.   Card price – free of charge

3.   Insurance deposit – not required

4.   Interest accrual – On the 1st of each month provided daily accrual on outstanding        balance

5.   Minimum initial deposit amount:

Visa Classic -100 AZN/USD

Visa Gold  – 500 AZN/USD/EUR

Mastercard Platinum -1000 AZN/USD/EUR

6.      Maturity of the cards –  1 year

7.      Currency of the card - AZN/USD/EUR


1.     Calculation of the annual income from the outstanding balance on the card account

2.     Online payments

3.     Possibility of non-cash transactions at trade centers and utilities payment points.

4.     Cashing money from ATM

5.     SMS notification

6.     Internet banking

7.     Card- to-card

8.     Mobile banking services

9.     Cash withdrawal fee for plastic cards in AZN – free of charge

Note: Initial deposit amount for the cards is applied in the currency of the card.


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